Step into the world of mathematical precision with this set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) focused on BODMAS. BODMAS is an acronym representing the order of operations—Brackets, Orders (exponents and roots), Division and Multiplication (from left to right), and Addition and Subtraction (from left to right). These operations are fundamental to solving mathematical expressions and ensuring clarity and consistency in calculations.

In this collection of MCQs, we explore the application of BODMAS principles in various contexts, testing your ability to navigate complex expressions with precision. Whether you’re honing your skills or seeking a refresher, these questions offer an engaging opportunity to master the art of BODMAS and enhance your mathematical problem-solving prowess. Join us in this mathematical journey where the order of operations takes center stage, paving the way for accurate and efficient computations.



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#1. Calculate 6÷2(1+2).

#2. Evaluate 8÷2+5×3.

#3. What is the result of 5+3×2?

#4. What is the result of 12−3÷3×2?

#5. What is the value of 9÷(3−1)?

#6. Calculate 15−3÷3

#7. Simplify 9+4÷2.

#8. Evaluate 6×(4−2)+5.

#9. Evaluate square of 6−2×3.

#10. Calculate 10÷(2+3)−1.

#11. Simplify 4×(6−2)

#12. What is the result of 15÷(3×2)+1?

#13. Evaluate 8÷2+4

#14. Calculate 5×(2+3)−4.


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