Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution

Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution-Introduction

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Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution- Cube of any number

Cube of any number is the mathematical operation of raising a number to the power of 3. It means multiplying the number by itself twice. In mathematical notation, finding the cube of a number “x” is expressed as:

Cube of a number x = x^3

For example, if you want to find the cube of a specific number, such as 3, you would calculate it as follows:

3^3 = 3 * 3 * 3 = 27

So, the cube of 3 is 27. You can apply this operation to any number to find its cube.

Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution-Perfect cube

A perfect cube is a number that can be expressed as the cube of an integer. In other words, a perfect cube is a number that is the result of raising an integer to the power of 3. Mathematically, if “n” is an integer, a perfect cube is expressed as:

Perfect Cube = n^3

For example, 8 is a perfect cube because it can be expressed as 2^3, where 2 is an integer:

8 = 2^3

Similarly, 27 is a perfect cube because it can be expressed as 3^3, where 3 is an integer:

27 = 3^3

Other examples of perfect cubes include 1, 64, 125, and so on, as long as they can be expressed as the cube of an integer.

Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution-1 to 20 cubes

Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution – Examples of the exercise

Example 6.1.1. find the cube of 3/8.


Example 6.1.2. Find the cube root of 1/13.


Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution- exercise preview

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Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution

Exercise 6.1 class 8 solution- solution pdf

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