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Zerodha Margin Calculator – Zerodha is one of the popular online discount brokers in India. The Bangalore based company is the largest broker in India by the trading volumes. It is also the largest stockbroker by active clients in India.
Zerodha Broking Limited is an Indian financial services company offering retail brokerage, currencies and commodities trading, mutual funds, and bonds. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Bangalore.
Zerodha’s key USP is its pricing model and high-end technology solutions. It charges zero brokerage for equity delivery investments. For intraday trades, the brokerage rates are the lower of INR 20 or 0.03% per executed order.

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Zerodha offers a range of trading platforms and tools to its customer’s like-

  • Kite – A web-based trading platform.
  • Kite Mobile – A mobile trading app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Kite Connect API – An API for startups to build own trading platforms.
  • Console – A central dashboard (back office) providing a complete view on your investments.
  • Coin- A platform to buy mutual funds commission-free.
  • Coin Mobile- An app to invest in mutual funds.
  • Sentinel- A tool to create price alerts.

Besides, Zerodha customers also get access to many partner products like

  • Smallcase– A thematic investment platform.
  • Streak– One of its kind platform in the world to create trading algorithms without coding.
  • Sensibull– A platform that helps traders select the right Options strategy.
  • StockReports+– It provides daily insights on over 3000 stocks daily.

Apart from low brokerage, Zerodha offers many other facilities to its customers. Zerodha exposure is one such facility. It allows customers to do more trading with limited funds.

Zerodha Exposure Limit – Zerodha Margin Calculator

Zerodha exposure allows customers to trade many times over the funds in their account. The extent of exposure by Zerodha is different for different segments and trades. For intraday trades in stocks, leverage given by Zerodha is 20 times of the funds in the customer’s account. So, if you have Rs 5,000 in your trading account then you can do intraday trading up to Rs 1 lakh. But not all stocks qualify for margin funding by Zerodha. Also, the margin limit is different for different stocks.

You can use the Zerodha margin calculator to know the margin limit on your trade. The calculator is available at Zerodha website.

Zerodha Margin Policy- Key Points to Note – Zerodha Margin Calculator

  1. The exposure given by Zerodha is available only for intraday trades. There’s no margin funding for delivery trades.
  2. All orders will be automatically squared-off around 3:20 pm. But it is the trader’s responsibility to square-off all open positions.
  3. All open MIS positions get converted to Cash and Carry (“CNC”) or Normal positions. The company squares off all such position if there are insufficient funds in the account.

Zerodha provides a higher margin on trades with Bracket Order (BO) and Cover Order (CO).

Need Zerodha Margin Calculator

  • While you are performing any trade doesn’t matter on whatever segment it is you must consider using a margin calculator.
  • Zerodha margin Calculator is pretty simple and clear in the values and margins across every trading segment.
  • The range of margin lies between 3 to 20 times however no margin in case of the delivery segment.
  • A margin calculator helps a trader in maintaining a balance in his or her trading account based on market values.
  • It offers auto square off position to safeguard your losses.
  • Zerodha’s margin calculator is a simple tool that lets you calculate the margin required for a futures contract.
  • The margin calculator has many versatile features inbuilt.
  • The margin calculator gives the split up between the SPAN and Exposure margin.
  • At any given point, NSE ensures there are three contracts of the same underlying, which expire on 3 different (but consecutive) months.
  • A trader can choose the contract of his choice based on the expiry date.
  • The contract belonging to the present month is called ‘Current Month Contract’, the next month contract is called ‘Mid Month’, and the 3rd one is called “Far Month Contract.’
  • On every expiry, the current month contract expires and a new far month contract is introduced. In the process, the mid-month contract would graduate to the current month contract.
  • A calendar spread is a trading technique which involves buying a certain month contract and selling another month contract simultaneously for the same underlying.
  • When a calendar spread is initiated, the margins required are lower since the risk is drastically reduced.

Margin for Equity intraday trades

Pay 20% upfront margin of the transaction value to trade in cash market segment.

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F & O margin calculator – NFO, MCX AND CDX

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