What are Soft skills ? Top 10 Soft skills in 2021

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What are soft skills? A set of skills that helps you do well in inter-personal communication. The main components of communication would be speaking, writing, reading and listening. Soft skills include qualities like being able to customize your communication and body language, assertive skills, negotiations, stress management, time management etc. Soft Skills Training today is a part of any Management programme across the world because it helps shape one’s personality and thereby plays an important role in his/her professional development.

Organizations across the world have realized the importance of Soft Skills as a part of Management Curriculum since good soft skills help maintain long term relationships with customers and thereby facilitate business success. Hence, organizations have started feeling that it is worthwhile to invest in imparting soft skill training to their employees. Imparting soft -skill training not only helps improve service transactions but also makes the employees feel that the organization has taken a keen interest in their professional development, which goes a long way in employee retention.

Soft skills are notoriously difficult to learn primarily because when you are learning them, it is difficult to tell you are actually learning them, or learning the right ones. Are people actually responding positively to you? Or are you misinterpreting their reactions? If they are, what was it about you that garnered the positive reaction? If they reacted negatively, why?

Why are soft skills important?

The industrial age is over. Organizations still stuck in the industrial age business models are going out of business very fast. Technology is only as good as the people using it. That is the clear message of the new millennium.
Soft skills are the key to providing workers with the core skills in communication, team work, leadership; personal effectiveness skills required to leverage one’s individual strengths. With better quality of people the organization will produce higher customer satisfaction and achieve market leaderships.

The soft skills initiative needs to be planned very carefully by organizations. They need to be tailored to the set of circumstances to connect the acquired skills to the workplace.

Top 10 Soft skill in 2021


Soft skills help you manage reality. And the reality is, things don’t always go as planned. Instead of digging in your heels, you need to be able to pivot and find alternate solutions. “Successful leaders are the ones who know how to be flexible when problems arise,” says Robinson.


Being an excellent communicator is probably right up there on the hierarchy of most valuable soft skills. Most performance review sheets require that the employee have the skill-set of ‘effective communication skill’ in addition to technical and job related skills.The efficiency to transmit ideas across the board sets an employee apart. Being a good communicator also entails being articulate in speech, being a good listener and also using body language wisely.

Positive Thinking

This simple trick that can energies you to stay in the race long after most others have called it ‘quits’ , is the same quality which can ensure your success even in the most adverse circumstances.


This aspect is probably where the existence or efficiency of soft skills can be the most obvious. A person could possess exemplary communication skills and confidence but use those poorly in interacting with others. This does not do justice to those skills. Having the ability to cooperate and work with people creates a sense of camaraderie that can be contagiously healthy for a team to be successful.

Active Listening

Active listening skill is the most powerful yet most challenging one to master. You will see many social gathering or groups, where everyone wants to brag and influence others with their achievements and success. But ironically no one is interested in other’s story because everyone is trying to recollect better story to impress others! In the end, all are the loser of this game. So you have to develop this skill.

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Emotional Intelligence

that awareness of how our emotions impact on the way we think, behave and react and how the way we manage them can either enhance our relationships with our people or be very destructive of them. 

Leadership Skills

Leaders lead people. Leadership is not dictatorship, nor it is being a weakling. It is the fine balance of speaking softly but carrying a big stick. Leadership is not a title; it is to provide direction and support to your team mates.

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Problem-solving skills

An employee that freezes up or shuts down emotionally or mentally is a hazard to any team let alone a company. Employees that are able to think through difficult scenarios, troubleshoot complicated situations, and manage difficult people are considered invaluable in a working environment. Every organization faces inevitable situations that need their employees to not only be prepared but also come up with solutions to those problems. This earns the company’s trust and reliance on that employee. Companies constantly look for such traits and incorporate them into their professional development training to help equip employees with these invaluable skill sets.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming

These factors have assumed a serious significance nowadays because wherever you go, you have to work and live in teams or groups, and your acceptance by your friends and peer groups very much depends on your Personal Hygiene and Grooming.

How to improve your soft skills

Take an online course : You can teach and make yourself Learn practically anything online today Right now, from hard skills like network engineering and photoshop to soft skills like negotiations and project management. For free you can use You Tube and Ted Talks.

Get feedback from others. “The best way to accomplish and get these skills is to gain awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, ask for responses/assessments, perceive and listen to those who have an exemplary rapport with others, and practice more and more the skill development in all relationships,”.

Practice with a friend. Let’s assume you want to get good at negotiating. Sit down with a friend and start practicing asking for what it is you that want – whether it’s a promotion, a salary raise, or a better benefits package. Let your friend play the role of your head/boss, and then give you assessment about your overall proposal to him.

Get a coach. A perfect coach can help you improve certain soft skills instantly and effectively because they tailor And shape the practicing and learning process directly to you. “Pairing with a coach can have an Indispensable effect on your success as a leader,”Or you can subscribe to our news letter.

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