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Tell me something about your self , Whenever we go for any job interview A guy or lady from Human Resource Department ask us a basic question “Tell me about something about yourself” holding our CV in his / her hand. this is very common still most unanswered question or not responded clearly by an individual. It is truly said that no one can know you better than yourself but when it comes to describe yourself in front of others (We are totally blank after 4-5 lines, and HR guy is still moving his/ her head, he want more from us ) so that they may know you better why most of us are left with a blank option basically in an interview especially for the fresher’s applying for their first job.

Way of introduction may be different from place to place or person to person. Introducing yourself in parties or meetings is far different way than introducing yourself in a job interview. You are more comfortable to introduce yourself in parties or meetings as there is an informal way to introduce yourself so, you successfully manage to do so as there is no chances of mistake but when it comes to any job interview then most of us start fumbling with our words especially when we start our introduction in “English”. But it is necessary that one must be really careful and professional in their words and action while introducing oneself in professional interview.

Why does this awkward situation occurs in most of our lives? I may be either due to lack of confidence or due to lack of communication. It could be improved by you yourself. Speak to yourself daily about you, find a proper way to present yourself in front of others, take a note of different things which you would include while presenting yourself. Be concise with your introduction as no one will be interested in listening a story of yourself. Be calculative enough to choose the words which we are using to describe ourselves.Using positive words such as enthusiastic,innovative,creative,self motivated and so on which would help in enhancing your personality. But do not forget to include your drawbacks also. It is not mandatory to include all your drawbacks but yes it is good to include it with a positive outlook so that your drawback or weakness may not unveil your personality with a negative image. Present yourself with a skillful and expertise image so that all your weakness may get overlapped by strengths.

Confidence and positive attitude is more than enough for a person to show his/her impressive personality. Greeting someone with a positive attitude will leave a positive impression of oneself on the other no matter what. Build up your personality by yourself or by getting trained via different personality development training classes and achieve success in every field you want. In this i will suggest practice for this in front of mirror you already know everything about yourself but when you have to describe the same to others you start hesitating or fumbling with Words like. I .i. So prepare your self for this. Improve your confidence level to tackle this situation Interviewer not comes from another planet. They are same as like us. So Firstly Note down about yourself What you have to say Just because i will ask your what professional qualification you will describe the same easily just because you have learnt the same in colleges during study. If you are IT professional you can easily describe about Information Technology. but if it come to your self you have to describe about you this is difficult for you because you never think about the same like your professional degrees. Your never note down yourself on single paper.

A simple answer for the above question :
My Name is ………… I have been born and brought up in Your City.
As far as my Qualification is concerned it is Degree that I have completed from Panjab University Chandigarh in 2014. Well talking about my family I do have a nuclear family consisting of 5 Members including me , my Father , Mother and 2 siblings. In my hobbies I love pursuing different activities. Very first I like listening old songs and surfing internet. Presently I am working in your organisation. I have 8 years of Experience in the same field.

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