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Welcome to CMA India Group . In today’s Article we will discuss about study plan Law and Ethics As per Syllabus 2016 Law and Ethics is divided in to Four part as mentioned below.

law and ethics

ACommercial Laws30%3rd
BIndustrial Laws25%2nd
CCorporate Law35%4th

As mentioned above In Exams 30% marks related to Commercial Laws portion, 25% marks relates to Industrial Laws, 35% Marks relates to Corporate Law and Balance 10% marks relates to Ethics.

In same way first of all we have to complete Section D (Ethics) its easy to complete within 3 days.

law and ethics

1Business Ethics3D
2Factories Act, 19482B
3Payment of Gratuity Act, 19723B
4 Employees Provident Fund Act, 19523B
5 Employees State Insurance Act, 19482B
6Payment of Bonus Act, 19652B
7Minimum Wages Act, 19483B
8Payment of Wages Act, 19362B
9Introduction to Contract Act 18728A
10Sale of Goods Act, 19303A
11Negotiable Instruments Act, 18813A
12Indian Partnership Act, 19325A
13Limited Liability Partnership Act, 20083A
14Company Act 201318C
Total Days60
Study Plan Day wise

After Completion of Ethics Part we have to Focus on (Section B) Industrial Laws which we have to complete in 17 days as described chapter wise in above mentioned table. Industrial Law is easy portion to complete we can easily complete this section in said times.

Next Part is Commercial Law and as described above we have to complete this section in 22 Days this topic is little bit lengthy but we already studied same topic in Our graduation.

Last part on which we need more concentration is Company Act 2013. for completion of this topic we need more times and we have to complete this section in 18 days. Company Act is difficult part in Laws and Ethics so we need more preparation for this topic. I Hope you would like Study Plan on Law and Ethics.

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