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  • Out of the following trends in production/operations management, which one is sometimes called as agile manufacturing?
    (A) Re-engineering
    (B) Supply-Chain Management
    (C) Lean Production
    (D) Flexibility
  • Out of the following factors that are affecting Capacity Planning, which one is Less Controllable one?
    (A) Machine break-downs
    (B) Amount of labour employed
    (C) Facilities installed
    (D) Shifts of work per day
  • Which of the following stages of Product Life Cycle does attribute beginning of substantial increase in Sales and Profits?
    (A) Introduction
    (B) Growth
    (C) Maturity
    (D) Decline
  • Which one is NOT an index of Productivity?
    (A) Man-hour output
    (B) Productivity ratio
    (C) TQM
    (D) Use of Financial Ratios
  • The time by which an activity can be rescheduled without affecting the other activities – preceding or succeeding is called as
    (A) Slack
    (B) Independent Float
    (C) Free Float
    (D) Total Float
  • Reliability and per unit cost of which of the following spares are less?
    (A) Regular spares
    (B) Insurance spares
    (C) Capital spares
    (D) Rotable spares
  • The lead-time is the time:
    (A) To place holders for materials
    (B) Time of receiving materials
    (C) Time between receipt of material and using materials,
    (D) Time between placing the order and receiving the materials
  • The method used in scheduling a project is:
    (A) A schedule of break-down of orders
    (B) Outline master programme
    (C) PERT & CPM
    (D) Schedule for large and integrated work

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  • MRP stands for:
    (A) Material requirement planning
    (B) Material reordering planning
    (C) Material requisition procedure
    (D) Material recording procedure
  • One of the important charts used in programme control is:
    (A) Material chart
    (B) Gantt chart
    (C) Route chart
    (D) Inspection chart
  • Variety reduction is generally known as:
    (A) Less varieties
    (B) Simplification
    (C) Reduced varieties
    (D) None of the above
  • Conversion of inputs into outputs is known as:
    (A) Application of technology
    (B) operations management
    (C) Manufacturing products
    (D) product
  • Number of product varieties that can be manufactured in Mass production is:
    (A) One only
    (B) Two only
    (C) Few varieties in large volumes
    (D) Large varieties in small volumes
  • Routing and Scheduling becomes relatively complicated in
    (A) Job production
    (B) Batch production
    (C) Flow production
    (D) Mass production
  • JIT stands for
    (A) Just in time purchase
    (B) Just in time production
    (C) Just in time use of materials
    (D) Just in time order the material
  • The first stage in production planning is:
    (A) Process planning
    (B) Factory planning
    (C) Operation planning
    (D) Layout planning
  • Scheduling deals with:
    (A) Number of jobs to be done on a machine
    (B) Number of machine tools used to do a job
    (C) Different materials used in the product
    (D) Fixing up starting and finishing times of each operation in doing a job
  • Example of production by disintegration is:
    (A) Automobile
    (B) Locomotive
    (C) Crude oil
    (D) Mineral water.
  • Fixing Flow lines in production is known as :
    (A) Scheduling
    (B) Loading
    (C) Planning
    (D) Routing
  • The material handling cost per unit of product in continuous production is:
    (A) Highest compared to other systems
    (B) Lower than other systems
    (C) Negligible
    (D) Cannot say.
  • (Total station time/Cycle time x Number of work stations) x 100 is known as:
    (A) Line Efficiency
    (B) Line smoothness
    (C) Balance delay of line
    (D) Station efficiency
  • Tempering is a process of:
    (A) Joining
    (B) Heat Treatment
    (C) Surface Treatment
    (D) Forming
  • For production planning:
    (A) Short term forecasting is useful
    (B) Medium term forecasting is useful
    (C) Long term forecasting is useful
    (D) Forecasting is not useful.
  • Scheduling shows:
    (A) Total cost of production
    (B) Total material cost
    (C) Which resource should do which job and when
    (D) The flow line of materials
  • Linear Programming is a technique used for determining:
    (A) Production Programme
    (B) Plant Layout
    (C) Product Mix
    (D) Manufacturing Sequence.
  • The effective capacity is NOT influenced by which of the following factors:
    (A) Forecasts of demand
    (B) Plant and labour efficiency
    (C) Subcontracting
    (D) None of the above
  • Key aspects in process strategy does NOT include which of the following:
    (A) Make or buy decisions
    (B) Capital intensity
    (C) Process flexibility
    (D) Packaging
  • The example of worker involvement, as a recent trend in production/operations management is
    (A) SCM
    (B) Just-in-Time
    (C) Quality Circle
    (D) MRP
  • Production planning in the intermediate range of time is termed as
    (A) Production planning.
    (B) Long range production planning.
    (C) Scheduling.
    (D) Aggregate planning.
  • Preventive maintenance is useful in reducing
    (A) Inspection Cost
    (B) Cost of premature replacement
    (C) Shutdown Cost
    (D) Set-up Cost of machine
  • Which one of the following standards is associated with the “Quality Assurance in Production and Installation”?
    (A) ISO 9001
    (B) ISO 9002
    (C) ISO 9003
    (D) ISO 9004
  • Number of product varieties that can be manufactured in Job production is:
    (A) Limited to one or two
    (B) Large varieties of products
    (C) One only
    (D) None of the above.
  • In general number of product varieties that can be manufactured in Flow production is:
    (A) One only
    (B) Ten to twenty varieties
    (C) Large varieties
    (D) Five only.
  • Generally the size of the order for production in Job production is:
    (A) Small
    (B) Large
    (C) Medium
    (D) Very large.
  • Generally in continuous production the production is carried out to:
    (A) Customer’s order,
    (B) Government orders only
    (C) For stock and supply
    (D) Few rich customers.
  • Inventory cost per product in intermittent production is:
    (A) Higher,
    (B) Lowest,
    (C) Medium,
  • The starting point of Production cycle is:
    (A) Product design
    (B) Production Planning,
    (C) Routing
    (D) Market research.
  • Preferred numbers are used to:
    (A) To determine the number of varieties that are to be manufactured
    (B) To the test the design of the product
    (C) To ascertain the quality level of the product
    (D) To evaluate the production cost.
  • The act of assessing the future and make provisions for it is known as
    (A) Planning
    (B) Forecasting
    (C) Assessment
    (D) Scheduling.
  • For a marketing manager, the sales forecast is:
    (A) Estimate of the amount of unit sales or a specified future period
    (B) Arranging the sales men to different segments of the market
    (C) To distribute the goods through transport to satisfy the market demand
    (D) To plan the sales methods.
  • The time horizon selected for forecasting depends on:
    (A) The salability of the product
    (B) The selling capacity of Salesman
    (C) Purpose for which forecast is made
    (D) Time required for production cycle
  • In general, medium range forecasting period will be approximately:
    (A) 5 to 10 Years
    (B) 2 to 3 days
    (C) 3 to 6 months
    (D) 10 to 20 years
  • The range of Long range forecasting period may be approximately:
    (A) 1 to 2 weeks
    (B) 2 to 3 months
    (C) 1 year
    (D) above 5 years
  • To plan for future man power requirement:
    (A) Short term forecasting is used
    (B) Long range forecasting is used
    (C) Medium range forecasting is used
    (D) There is no need to use forecasting, as future is uncertain.
  • Long range forecasting is useful in:
    (A) Plan for Research and Development
    (B) To Schedule jobs in Job production
    (C) In purchasing the material to meet the present production demand
    (D) To assess manpower required in the coming month.

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