Microsoft PowerPoint – INTRODUCTION

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Creating New Slides & Formatting Text

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation graphics package that lets you create Formatted presentations which can be used in a number of ways. You can produce Projects such as Overheads for a Team Briefing, Slides for a Business meeting or Interactive On-Screen Presentations on your Company’s products or Company’s Growth process. It allows you to Produce:

  • Animated Presentations shown on a monitor or Overhead Screen.
  • Overhead Projector Transparencies
  • Paper Printouts of your Slides
  • Handouts for the Audience
Picture – 1

Adding New Slides

When you Start your New Presentation, you are automatically Placed into a Title Slide Layout. Whilst This is a default, you are free to choose any layout listed in the Slide Layout Task Pane. There are Number of ways to add Further Slides to your Presentation.

To Add a New Slide

  1. Click on Drop down arrow beneath the NEW SLIDE button in the slides group, on the HOME ribbon. A menu with the Different Layout types of Slides will appear.
  2. Make a Selection by Clicking on one of these with LEFT mouse button.
  3. Press CTRL+M
Picture 2

PowerPoint will create a new Slide and this new Slide & all Subsequent new Slides will be Based on the Bulleted list Layout.

Formatting Text

Text Formatting allows you to Change the Font, Size, Color and the style of your Text. Using Similar formatting across your word, excel and PowerPoint Documents help to preset a Consistent and professional corporate Image. Don’t forget, in order to format Text, it is firstly necessary to select it.

The HOME ribbon contains a variety of different options for formatting text on a slide.

The FORMAT ribbon contains many options for changing the appearance of text radically or at formatting the whole placeholder.

To Format Text using the Home Ribbon

  • Select the text you want to format.
  • Use the buttons on the Home button to change many aspects of Font style
  • Set the options for FONT, SIZE, COLOUR and EFFECTS. Choose from effects such as SUPERSCRIPT and UNDERLINE.
  • Click on OK.
Picture 3

Note:  Colours offered are from your Colour Scheme, to use additional Colours choose the more Colour option.

Text Formatting using the Format Ribbon

For more advanced and drastic formats, you can make use of the Format Ribbon.

To apply formats using the Format ribbons

Picture – 4
Picture 5
  • Select the placeholder you want to Format.
  • Click on FORMAT Ribbon.
  • The placeholder text is easily formatted as word art group allows the changing of colour, border colour or style of text. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of each button. Allows a selection to alter your text to your satisfaction.
  • The text style button allows dramatic changes to your text for a highly professional look to your text. You may change the attributes for all aspects of your text.
  • The shadow
  • Reflection
  • A Glow
  • The bevel
  • 3-D rotation
  • Transformations
  • After making choices from all of these options your text may appear as below:
Picture 6

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