Microsoft Excel – introduction

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Microsoft Excel 2016 is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows users to produce tables containing calculations and graphs. These can range from simple formulae through to complex functions and mathematical models

Microsoft Excel

Windows Concepts
Microsoft is an application that runs under the Windows graphical user interface. When launched, Microsoft Excel sits in its own windowā€¯ – the box that surrounds the application elements. The window can be moved, sized, closed, minimized and maximized using the features common to the Windows environment – these are listed below:

Window Border
The box that surrounds the Excel screen when it is not maximized is called the window border. When the mouse is over the border, the pointer changes from a single to a double-headed arrow – clicking and dragging with this shape allows the window to be resized.

Title Bar
The colored bar that appears at the top of the Excel window. The title bar tells you which application you are using and if the workbook you are in is maximized, it will also contain the name of the workbook. If the Excel window is not maximized, by positioning the mouse over the title bar and clicking and dragging, you can move the Excel window to a new location on the screen.

Maximize Button
When working in a workbook, the Excel screen contains two windows, an application window and a workbook window. You can maximize both windows to capitalize on the space you have on-screen. If you would like the window that your Excel application is in to fill up the whole screen, click the outermost maximize button. You may find that the workbook you are in can still be bigger – click the inner maximize button to fill the remaining space within the Excel application window.

Minimize Button
This button is very useful if you need to temporarily switch from Microsoft Excel into another application without closing Excel down completely. Click the minimize button to shrink Microsoft Excel to an icon on the task bar; you will then be able to view other icons and applications you may wish to access. When you are finished and ready to continue, click the Excel icon from the task bar to resume. The innermost minimize button will minimize the current workbook window.

Restore Button
This button only appears when a window is maximized. A maximized window has no border and you cannot see what is behind it. If you want to put the window back inside its border so that you can move and size it, click the restore button.

Close Button
This button is used to close a window. If you click the close button for a workbook window you close the document. The last button will close the Microsoft Excel application.

Dialog Box Launcher
This button launches dialog boxes specific to the part of the ribbon you see them the category will be named such as FONT, CLIPBOARD, etc

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