Learn Microsoft excel 2016 part II

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In Today topic we will discuss about Microsoft Excel Worksheet, Home Ribbon etc.


Home Ribbon
Ribbons are tabs that show different commands with respect to what you wish to do. The Home Ribbon
shows basic formatting options.

Insert Ribbon

Insert Ribbon
The Insert Ribbon allows the insertion of any object. Just click on the named ribbon to see list of
commands that you can perform by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Name Box
The Name Box is the small white box to the left of the Formula Bar. It has a number of useful features
such as navigation, the creation and selection of named cells and ranges. Entering a cell reference and pressing return will navigate you to the specific cell entered. Using the drop down arrow to the
right of it will allow you to select any specified names in the workbook. When creating functions the
box will have a different appearance and will allow you to choose the most popular functions used in
that workbook.

Formula Bar
The Formula Bar is the white bar to the right of the Name Box and is used for entering and editing
data, creating and editing functions and formulae. The construction of formulae and functions can be
seen in this bar even when the cell containing the formula is showing a calculated value (Unless cell is
formatted to hidden and the sheet protected). The fx button on the left of the bar is a tool to create
functions and formulae.


You use worksheets to list and analyze data. You can enter and edit data on several worksheets
simultaneously and perform calculations based on data from multiple worksheets. When you create
a chart, you can place the chart on the worksheet with its related data or on a separate chart sheet.
The names of the worksheets appear on tabs at the bottom of the workbook window. The name of the
active sheet is bold.

Status Bar
The Status bar, across the bottom of the screen, displays different information at different times. To
the left is an indicator, which will display Ready, Edit etc. depending on the mode in which the user
is currently working. If menus are being accessed, this area will usually give details on the currently
highlighted menu option. If you are in the middle of a task – copying data for example – this area will
often display messages and prompts instructing you on what to do next. To the right of the Status bar, keyboard status indicators reveal whether the Num Lock etc. are switched on.

Task Pane
A task pane is a window that collects commonly used actions in one place. The task pane enables
you to quickly create or modify a file, perform a search, or view the clipboard. It is a Web-style area
that you can either, dock along the right or left edge of the window or float anywhere on the screen.
It displays information, commands and controls for choosing options. Like links on a Web page, the
commands on a task pane are highlighted in blue text, they are underlined when you move the mouse
pointer over them, and you run them with a single click.

Microsoft Excel Will complete in many parts.
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