Hyperfocus book PDF – EPUB free download by chris bailey

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Hyperfocus book PDF – EPUB free download by chris bailey – Chris Bailey’s book Hyperfocus is a helpful manual for controlling your attention, which is your most valuable tool for increasing your creativity, accomplishing tasks, and leading a more fulfilling life.
You will discover the following in Hyperfocus:
– How working fewer hours can enhance productivity
– How we accomplish more by making our task more difficult rather than easy
– How we produce our greatest creative work when we are the most exhausted

We have never been so busy while getting so little done, and our attention has never been as overloaded as it is right now.
Chris Bailey offers profound insights into how we can most effectively manage our attention in his book Hyperfocus. He describes how the brain alternates between two mental states: hyperfocus, which is our state of intense concentration, and scatterfocus, which is our state of creative reflection.

Hyperfocus chris bailey review

Hyperfocus book PDF - EPUB free download by chris bailey
Hyperfocus book PDF – EPUB free download by chris bailey

Chris Bailey’s concept of hyperfocus is just one of the reasons why it can be so tough for us to attention on our work.

How much we can focus on at once is severely constrained.
Furthermore, it can be challenging to focus on the top 40 bits when there are typically more than a few temptations present in the remaining 10.9 million.

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So, in my ongoing effort to sharpen my own attention span while working, I recently took up Chris Bailey’s book “Hyper Focus” to see if it had any fresh focus-enhancing techniques that I could tuck away in my admittedly somewhat scanty sleeve.

Therefore, I’m not sure how many tricks will fit there.
However, I found that this book provided a terrific deep dive into a variety of issues related to focus and concentration.

According to some estimations, our minds wander about 50% of the time we are awake because they enjoy doing so.
Additionally, you aren’t really conscious of what your mind is focused on when it is roaming.

And while occasionally this is acceptable, when attempting to concentrate on your work, you want to minimise the amount of time your mind is daydreaming. Meta awareness is the technique you use to do this.

Knowing where your mind is allows you to consciously direct it when it strays from its intended location. The book “Hyper Focus” spends a lot of time discussing how to develop this meta awareness skill.

But let me share with you one of the most significant lessons I learned from the book. Make a reminder for yourself to check in on your thoughts and mental condition on a frequent basis.

Bailey advises using a timer or perhaps an alarm on your phone to set up what he calls an hourly awareness chime. You think to yourself, “Where is my mind right now?” as it goes off.

Have I been concentrated for the previous hour or has my mind been allowed to wander? Have I been working with purpose or am I just switching between tasks automatically?

As I become weary of one job after another? Have I spent the previous hour working on the most crucial task that I needed to complete?

Additionally, you get gradually at consistently practising this meta awareness as you work by using this external chime and external system to help regulate your internal self discipline.

However, occasionally allowing your thoughts to stray is beneficial. Bailey refers to the two opposed states of hyper concentration and scatter focus often throughout the book.

As you might have guessed, while you are super focused, everything else is blocked out save for the main focus of your attention.

Yes, Derek, I do see what you’re doing. Everything else is blocked out when you are hyperfocused so that you can enter a state of flow and carry out your intentions.

But as you’re probably aware, it may be challenging to stay in a state of hyper focus for an extended period of time, particularly if you’re feeling bored, stressed out, or in a distracting situation.

Because of this, it’s crucial to strive to enter work sessions in a positive frame of mind and to set up a distraction-free workspace.

You may focus on those 40 crucial pieces by eliminating everything else that might serve as a distraction.
And if you’re interested in learning how to create such an atmosphere,

It not only becomes exhausting after a while, but because it puts such a strain on your prefrontal cortex, it also causes you to be less creative.

Hyperfocus book summary pdf

Therefore, in order to maximise its benefits, you must occasionally lapse into its polar opposite, scatter focus—a mental state in which you purposefully allow your thoughts wander.

This kind of thinking is frequently horrible for immediate work production, which we tend to characterise narrowly as productivity, but it’s fantastic for creativity.

We can probably all agree that creativity and productivity go hand in hand if we look at things over a longer period of time than the five seconds your employer notices you aren’t typing on your keyboard.

The two go hand in hand, because scatter focus allows your mind to explore various ideas more creatively and make new connections between them.

Bailey is extremely clear about one point in the book. The kind of mind wandering we typically participate in, unconscious mind wandering, is not the same as scatter focus.

Intentionally is the main distinction in this case. In one of three modes, you purposefully let your attention wander when practicing scatter concentration. There is capture mode first.

In this mode, according to Bailey, you take a paper or computer note and then just let your mind wander for 10 to 15 minutes, noting down observations and ideas as they come to you.

And at the conclusion of the capture mode session, you might have a list of unrelated projects, contacts you want to get back in touch with, or even simply a bunch of random ideas.

I’m aware that whenever I do this, I always come up with a variety of video ideas. The second option is the problem-crunching mode.

Instead of letting your mind wander fully free in this mode, you choose an item of attention, such as a problem you’re stuck on, and you let your thoughts wander around that in a sort of nonlinear, relaxing manner as you might go for a stroll or a bike ride, which I try to do pretty much every day.

In fact, there are a lot of similarities between this and the walking meditations that Cal Newport discusses in his book “Deep Work” or the diffused mode style of thinking and problem solving that Barbara Oakley discusses in her book “A Mind for Numbers.”

And what’s really fantastic about this mode is that it allows your entire brain to sort of ponder over the problem while still allowing you to think about the issue you were working on during hyper focus.

In “A Mind for Numbers,” Barbara Oakley uses a pinball table as an example. When you choose the hyper focus mode, the bouncers nearly resemble a tightly clasped cluster that keeps the ball bouncing about in a single, extremely narrow region of the table.

The ball may essentially go wherever it needs to go when utilising the diffused mode or scatter focus, which uses the entire table and is arranged as a very loosely-grouped, widely-spaced group of those bouncers.

And you frequently discover that in these states, fresh insights emerge that didn’t during hyperfocus.

Finally, habitual mode allows you to let your thoughts roam freely while still performing tasks that don’t require much mental effort, such as doing the dishes.

In addition, I typically combine habitual and capture modes on a daily basis, going for walks or bike rides frequently, and rarely engaging in problem-solving mode or thinking about a single thing most of the time.

However, I have the voice memos app on either my watch or my phone, so I can record any thoughts or insights as they occur.

And once again, I discover that when I’m out on these walks and out on these bike rides, I frequently come up with ideas that I never would have thought of if I had been merely sitting at my desk trying to write.

And this scatter focus state truly serves that aim. You think more freely and generate more ideas as a result of being more at ease.

My third major takeaway from this book is that setting stronger intentions at the beginning of a hyper concentration session can help you act on your ideas later when you return to hyper focus.

Setting strong and explicit objectives is essential to really completing any activity, just as my friend Charles Cornell highlighted that intentionally is the most crucial component of deliberate practice.

So what attributes do excellent intentions possess?
For me, there is one crucial question to ask in this situation.
When you sit down to work, consider whether your objective is clear enough to make your next move obvious.

I may rewrite that as “create a preliminary draught of this script’s initial main body point” instead.
Again, it takes many days, so I’m far more inclined to start writing right away if I have a certain topic in mind.
Additionally, and maybe even more importantly, I am aware that this is only a rough draught and that is exactly what I intend to write.

And that will prevent me from editing, which will delay the initial writing process. After I’ve put the initial copy on the page, editing is significantly more effective when done in a second pass.

Another example is to visit the gym. Again, there is a wide range of possible interpretations. Knowing what I’m going to do when I arrive to the gym will make things much better.

I am aware of the exercises I will perform, the sequence in which I will perform them, the number of sets, and the intended reps. This is actually a factor in my decision to engage with an online coach who pre-sets my programming.

Hyperfocus book PDF - EPUB free download by chris bailey
Hyperfocus book PDF – EPUB free download by chris bailey

But even if I wasn’t, I would always ensure that I had a plan before I entered the gym. Now, for me, continuing to be interested in, caring about, and wanting to complete the task that is in front of me is the single most crucial component to getting my work done.

However, the truth is that we all occasionally have to do things that we don’t want to do, and this is true even for those who carry out their jobs. Personally, I enjoy creating material and enjoying my role as a Vlogger.

There is a lot of freedom and creativity involved, yet there are still tiny aspects of the job that I occasionally just don’t want to do.
Or, on occasion, my mind tries to sideline my primary task in favour of another current fixation.

And this is where intentionality truly shines because when you are clear and concise, your next steps become crystal clear.

And when you set up your environment for concentrate, your self-control kicks in and enables you to do your work, even if it isn’t precisely what you want to accomplish right now. And it is the essence, the core lesson I learned from this book.

Now, having a well-maintained productivity system is one thing that can really help you to set these intentions while you’re working.

Because, in the words of the late David Allen, “our brains are for having ideas not for holding them,” you should have an external system that is well-maintained and organised, a single source of truth if you will, for keeping track of all of your chores, events, and ideas.

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Hyperfocus book PDF free download by chris bailey

Hyperfocus book PDF – EPUB free download by chris bailey

Hyperfocus book EPUB free download by chris bailey

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